How, according to O’Brien, does the The Party as an oligarchy differ from Nazism or Russian Communism? How does he define the role of the martyr, both in terms of The Party and the other totalitarian systems?

O’Brien have a different way of thinking within the difference between the oligarchy from Nazism or Russian Communism. The party does not tolerate the idea of having different beliefs from others. Specially when we talk about religion. In Fact, Nazism and Russian Communism had exposed the persons in public trials and in that way they could destroy their dignity. They hava a complete system of mind control. However, all confessions made are true; the party makes them true by altering its reality. The party destroys any evidence or trace of what really happened by controlling the media and the citizen’s minds. O’Brien defines the role of the martyrs not just like the rebels but like the open minded, the ones that know that the life they are living is unacceptable, and they are not in agreement with it. In the Ministry of Love however, the martyrs enter in a reconditioning systems. People begin loving Big brother with their minds, bodies and souls because of pain and pear.O’Brien describes the everlasting success of the Party as being dependent upon the fact that there aren’t any martyrs, that everyone declares loyalty fully and when they least expect it before they can change their minds about their beliefs they are killed.

Written by: Diego Poujol


A list of the strangest things we have seen since The Party came into power

Many strange things had happened since The party came into power, so many that it will be almost impossible to mention them all it well first it seems that Big Brother exist since 1930s but everyone start knowing about him until 1960s what is really strange because it makes me wonder what happened during all that time ? But since he appears , it was in that moment that everything change.

The party controlled every aspect of everyone’s life. And maybe for the ones that belong to the party believe they were normal, but for the rest they weren’t. One of their biggest weapons is how they manipulate reality, and change history in order to control everyone, they said for example that Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia had been enemies since always and in reality that’s not true , also every time someone disagree with what the party believes, just without telling anything, that person just disappeared.

Everyone has to obey what Big brother says even though they hate him, they act as they love him, because the party also wants to control everyone’s sentiments, that way they can control their actions and obligate them to love Big Brother and give all your life to him. But the strangest things that I have seen since the Party came into power, is that what ever they tell , it has to be true , it doesn’t matter how silly it is, one way or another they change the history and the truth , to make their own lies, a truth.

Written by: Sheyla Kafie

Winston as a heroic figure. What qualities does he possess that could define him as one?

Winston can only be considered a hero in a highly qualified sense.His heroic traits are his willingness to fight against impossible odds, risking his life in the process, and his stubborn quest to understand not only what was happening to him and society, but why it was happening. Although he tries to “get along” as best he can with the society he lives in, he holds himself apart from it at the same time, attempting to preserve his individuality. It would be ungenerous in the extreme not to concede his struggle some elements of the heroic.

However, he is a deeply flawed hero. To begin with, he is himself part of the apparatus of repression, being engaged in the rewriting of history. He goes too far in his desire to attack the Party, compromising himself morally when he promises O’Brien that he will harm children if he is ordered to by the resistance. He cannot separate his political struggle from his personal feelings, which lead him to become entangled with Julia, friendly with Mr. Carrington, and trusting in O’Brien, all of which decisions are fatal. His thought and actions are already infected by the Party, and since he is thus compromised, he cannot reach a fully heroic stature.

Written by: Diego Poujol

Opinions of The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism

While reading chapter 9 of Book II from 1984, I came to a conclusion: George Orwell is some kind of oracle or sorcerous. As sad as it may seem, The Theory and Practice Oligarchical Collectivism, a book inside a book, written by the character Emmanuel Goldstein. Goldstein is the main villain of the Party. He continues conspiring against Big Brother and his face is used as a type of “excuse” from the state to create hatred inside Oceania. What Goldstein explains in his book, is mainly the three phrase of the slogan. “War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength”. That book was given to Winston by O’Brien. In fact, that book had no name so people just named it “The Book”. The chapters explain the story or background of each contradictory phrase in the slogan.

In my opinion, that book is just a mirror of today’s society. The “War is Peace” technically explains what is happening today. Yes, just like in the bookception where the three main powers are in constant war to maintain inner peace, the countries of today are basically the same. Perhaps, the hatred towards each country isn’t directly present but war is still used in order to reach that so-wanted peace.

The three social classes are obviously present today. The high-class dominates the rest of the class in an oligarchical state. Orwell coined the term ‘Oligarchical Collectivism’ back in 1948 and it describes our society. Even though the high class is a minority, they still have the power and money to control both the middle and low class, described in “The Book”. The middle class, in the other hand, wants to change position with the high class. They want that so-wanted power over the rest so they ‘join’ the lower class in order to eradicate the high class men. However, the middle class manages to take control for both the high and low class. The lower class in the other hand ( yes, three hands now) wants simply to survive. They will try to do their best to continue living in the world. The whole classes work like a pyramid, where the lower class in the base, the majority. The middle class works for the high and tries to take their place and they are located in the middle. The high class is the minority and is at the top of the pyramid. This is simply a reflection of our society and reality. Something that is just as true as the corruption of politicians.

Lastly, the “Freedom is Slavery”. There is in some way Freedom for the high class and slavery for the middle and low class. The Elite wants to fully control the rest of the population through taxation and hard work. That creates a feeling of false freedom for the population which is actually slavery. A deeper analysis can be found in my other article: “Within 200 yards of the apartment in which Orwell wrote 1984, there are now 32 security cameras.” In what ways has Orwell’s vision of a dystopian future come true?”

Written by: Luis Polanco

What makes the proles human and the party members inhuman?

Proles and party members are regarded as opposite sides in George Orwell’s novel, 1984. The proles, which are the lower class of society, are handicapped by all the injustices that the party members, which are the higher class of society, proclaim. While one of these groups is delighting in heaven, the other one is enduring hell by hard-work and exploitation.

Even though proles are considered an unimportant part of ‘Ingsoc’, they are considered the human part of this complexed society. Their loyalty, determination to persevere against all injustices, and their power to overcome any hardship is what makes these outsiders humans. They could seize the opportunity to rise up and overthrow the oppressive state, but they choose not to because the conform with what they have. The proles have retained ordinary, human emotions, such as love, pleasure, joy and sadness, while the party members have neglected these emotions.

On the other side, the party members are inhuman because they treat the proles as ‘animals’ without any purpose. The way party members exploit them and exclude them from society illustrates us that the higher class of society thinks only about itself. Not to mention the fact that the Party wants to elaborate a society based on hate rather than love, these party members are merely inhuman beings that want to seize power at any cost.

Written by: Ernesto Ponce

The ways in which the room above the shop represents the past for Winston

Imagine being in a place where no one is watching you. You can do whatever you want without people scolding you or criticizing you. Honestly I would be really really happy. That is what the room above the shop represented for Winston. It was the only place where freedom was actually freedom. In a state where “ Freedom is Slavery”, freedom isn’t really freedom, it is just the word disguised in slavery, more like a way of Newspeak. That room represented liberty for Winston. There he could read “The Book”, he could have carnal pleasures with Julia, he could sleep, he could write in his dairy, well, he could do whatever he wanted to do and INGSOC wouldn’t bother him.

That magical place also represents Winston’s past. Before, he could do whatever he wanted, so in an odd way that was his past. He wanted know what the world was before The Party controlled Oceania, and that room was a reflection of it. By knowing the past, he could control the future, so actually he wanted to replicate what the world before Big Brother was and applied that knowledge to the future generations. That freedom room represented that plethora of ideas that contributed to the growth of Winston’s revolutionary ideas.

That room was, theoretically speaking, a “non existing” place. That kind of place where everything is possible, everyone is free,  where “Freedom is Slavery” isn’t applied. That place ,even in our society, is just mere imagination and can only be achieved in our dreams. In other words that room was Winston’s hope and dreams as well as his plans for the future.

Written by: Luis Polanco

Is Winston’s and Julia’s sexual activity a political act?

Julia’s and Winston’s sexual activity can be consider as a political act. Because for Julia it is a way to stand up against the party , a way to start a revolution , she can be consider even a rebel , while for Winston, he is feeling more joy, because he knows it is an attack to the party and he enjoys of that corruption. Both of them had been oppressed almost all their life and by having sexual activities they can release themselves. Also, the party wants to control very one sexual activity because the sex can take them to have feelings for each other and the party knows that of they fall in love, they would not have more power in them, they need to control everyones actions in order to have control. So this sex act is consider a political act against the party, it is just the beginning of a rebellion, and even though Julia told Winston that he wasn’t the firt member of party with she had sex , he didn’t care, because now he realize about the real corruption in the party and how in a secret way , everyone is rebelling . But no one says anything because in the moment everyone finds out about this , a rebellion will start. And because they don’t know how things , how life will change, they can’t said anything , because it is a risk and they are not prepared to take it. But at least they know , that a rebellion is forming.

Written by: Sheyla Kafie