Search Engine Optimization Reflection

Search Engine Optimization is really useful because it helps people to find your posts on the web. I believe it is something necessary when doing a webpage or blog. These tags help minimize the effort of getting known in the internet world. You can see in some of the posts that there are some key words used in order for it to be recognized by the internet. Simple words such as George Orwell the author, Big Brother, the name of the book 1984, and others. When you have more tags you have more chances of recognition increases. I think that word tags makes your work easier.
considering the fact that there are millions of website for topics like 1984. Probably our website isn’t the first since it is new, it is wordpress, and people haven’t subscribe nor follow our blog. In spite of those obstacles, our blog is still found in the internet. Eventually, people will start following our blog to enjoy and learn from Big Brother. I learned from these task experience many things in addition to creating my first webpage basically and it will help me in future assignments such as the ones that I will receive in college.

Written by: Diego Poujol


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