How have you used SEO and tags to help search engines locate your blog?

The search engine optimisation (or SEO) has been very useful for my site since it allows others to read my blogs. Since our blogs are about George Orwell’s outstanding novel, 1984, I thought that tagging the book’s name and its author (in all of my blog prompts) is a clever way for people to read what I wrote.

Another ‘strategy’ I used with SEO was tagging the topics that mostly feature in my blogs. For example, in one of my blogs I wrote about a global warming article in Newspeak language. Since both global-warming and Newspeak are topics that appear in that blog, I tagged both words so that my blogs would appear and be noticeable in the web.

The best way for being visible in the internet is to use tags. I felt it was an arduous task for people to read your blog because of the internet’s immensity, but once you make good use of SEO you’ll get better chances of people visiting your website!

Written by: Ernesto Ponce


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