What specifically is Orwell warning us against, and how does he achieve this?

What is dystopia? Dystopia is a place where the government, the laws, citizens and the life is a disaster, where there is no happiness, it is all the opposite of utopia, that is a perfect place to live. 1984 is Orwell’s idea of a dystopia and with it, he warns us of all the dangers that exist in a totalitarianism city. You may think how does he warn us? Well at first, one of all the major themes you can find out in the book 1984 is “newspeak” and how they use it for reducing our  language, because by controlling what everyone can and can’t said, they can control their lives. Even now at days you make think that this has no importance but of course it does, because even now when you think you are free to said whatever you want, the reality is the you can’t, our parents, teachers and authorities control most of the things we can and can’t said, we have to use a different choice of words depending with whom we are. He tries to achieve his warning by demonstrating how a manipulated community would be, because he was communist he could see and realize how a totalitarian government really is. He is preoccupied of how this era would be, because if the government continues in the way they are, I mean, being so corrupted, the world will become a disaster. This book is almost like a long propaganda, where he wrote an overview of the hopeless nature of system, that they all had in those times with the hope that in the future it would be different.

Written by: Sheyla Kafie


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