What makes the proles human and the party members inhuman?

Proles and party members are regarded as opposite sides in George Orwell’s novel, 1984. The proles, which are the lower class of society, are handicapped by all the injustices that the party members, which are the higher class of society, proclaim. While one of these groups is delighting in heaven, the other one is enduring hell by hard-work and exploitation.

Even though proles are considered an unimportant part of ‘Ingsoc’, they are considered the human part of this complexed society. Their loyalty, determination to persevere against all injustices, and their power to overcome any hardship is what makes these outsiders humans. They could seize the opportunity to rise up and overthrow the oppressive state, but they choose not to because the conform with what they have. The proles have retained ordinary, human emotions, such as love, pleasure, joy and sadness, while the party members have neglected these emotions.

On the other side, the party members are inhuman because they treat the proles as ‘animals’ without any purpose. The way party members exploit them and exclude them from society illustrates us that the higher class of society thinks only about itself. Not to mention the fact that the Party wants to elaborate a society based on hate rather than love, these party members are merely inhuman beings that want to seize power at any cost.

Written by: Ernesto Ponce

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