The ways in which the room above the shop represents the past for Winston

Imagine being in a place where no one is watching you. You can do whatever you want without people scolding you or criticizing you. Honestly I would be really really happy. That is what the room above the shop represented for Winston. It was the only place where freedom was actually freedom. In a state where “ Freedom is Slavery”, freedom isn’t really freedom, it is just the word disguised in slavery, more like a way of Newspeak. That room represented liberty for Winston. There he could read “The Book”, he could have carnal pleasures with Julia, he could sleep, he could write in his dairy, well, he could do whatever he wanted to do and INGSOC wouldn’t bother him.

That magical place also represents Winston’s past. Before, he could do whatever he wanted, so in an odd way that was his past. He wanted know what the world was before The Party controlled Oceania, and that room was a reflection of it. By knowing the past, he could control the future, so actually he wanted to replicate what the world before Big Brother was and applied that knowledge to the future generations. That freedom room represented that plethora of ideas that contributed to the growth of Winston’s revolutionary ideas.

That room was, theoretically speaking, a “non existing” place. That kind of place where everything is possible, everyone is free,  where “Freedom is Slavery” isn’t applied. That place ,even in our society, is just mere imagination and can only be achieved in our dreams. In other words that room was Winston’s hope and dreams as well as his plans for the future.

Written by: Luis Polanco

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