Is Winston’s belief applicable to the world we live in today?

The statement about “spirit of man defeating the oppressive state of the Party” is very vigorous. I agree with Winston’s phrase because the only thing that can overcome an overbearing power is the spirit that each and everyone of us has. Our words, actions, and even thoughts can be corrupted, but our spirit or soul will remain intact because that is the only thing we, human beings, will never lose. The perseveration that is inside of us is strong enough to undermine a government that proclaims injustices and segregation among society.

This belief is applicable to the world we live in today because the spirit has always prevailed in us, human beings. The years might pass, the social injustices might continue, but the spirit of man will always reign. For example, the way Mahatma Gandhi defied war and anarchy with love is an example that the spirit is the strongest thing a human being can ever embraced. During Gandhi’s time, World War II was emerging. India was a country handicapped by violence and anarchy due to this devastating war, but Gandhi, even after his death, has proved us, human beings, that our spirit is strong enough to undermine a controlling society.

Another example that supports Winston’s belief is the speech of Martin Luther King Jr. at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963. Since the African-American society was wounded by racial injustices because of the ambiguity the government expressed regarding the topic, Martin Luther decided to overcome these injustices by embracing his perseverant spirit. He defended his ideology to the very end of his life due to the fact that he used his spirit in order to defeat the racial society of that time.

At the end of the day, the human spirit will prevail succeed against the social injustices and oppressive governments.

Written by: Ernesto Ponce


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