Is Winston’s and Julia’s sexual activity a political act?

Julia’s and Winston’s sexual activity can be consider as a political act. Because for Julia it is a way to stand up against the party , a way to start a revolution , she can be consider even a rebel , while for Winston, he is feeling more joy, because he knows it is an attack to the party and he enjoys of that corruption. Both of them had been oppressed almost all their life and by having sexual activities they can release themselves. Also, the party wants to control very one sexual activity because the sex can take them to have feelings for each other and the party knows that of they fall in love, they would not have more power in them, they need to control everyones actions in order to have control. So this sex act is consider a political act against the party, it is just the beginning of a rebellion, and even though Julia told Winston that he wasn’t the firt member of party with she had sex , he didn’t care, because now he realize about the real corruption in the party and how in a secret way , everyone is rebelling . But no one says anything because in the moment everyone finds out about this , a rebellion will start. And because they don’t know how things , how life will change, they can’t said anything , because it is a risk and they are not prepared to take it. But at least they know , that a rebellion is forming.

Written by: Sheyla Kafie

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