In what ways has Orwell’s vision of a dystopian future come true?

There is a famous quote that says: “ Humans are becoming slaves to their own creations”. Obviously, those “creations” is just a fancy way of saying technology. We have phones, tablets, televisions, computers and many other wonderful inventions that make our lives easier. We also have cameras in the street that record our actions. We have teaching devices in our phones that show our exact position in the globe. So a question comes to mind, are we slaves in this world?

Obviously, we are slaves to our governments and to this world and, obviously, Orwell was right in his Big Brother theory ( 1984). We live in a society were we have to work everyday in order to survive. That, in a very direct way, makes us slaves to that job. We follow the laws imposed to us that our ancestors made, that, as well, makes us slaves to our governments. If that is not enough, we have phones that supposedly gives us freedom and those phones have tracking devices that allow the government to locate us at any specific place and they can even see what we have searched.

“We are free to do what we want”, at least, that is what we think. . The reality is simple the contrary. Orwell tried to warn us when he wrote the dystopian novel back in 1948. He tried to warn us from the famously known ‘Big Brother’ and the other atrocities that came with him. 60 years later, everything he stated has become true. Even the part of “ I love Big Brother”, the last sentence of the novel, is still present. A survey stated that 56% of Americans were in favor of that “Big Brother”. It appears as if politicians and leaders have used 1984 as a manual or guide. Our governments have created a doublethink nature in each of us. They say that spying on us is simply for our own sake, that it is a way of assuring that everyone is safe. Even though we know that is a clear violation of our, supposedly real, freedom we still agree with them. At the end Orwell’s idea is correct, “ Freedom is Slavery”.

Written by: Luis Polanco


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