In what ways can you compare Big Brother to Hitler?

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In the book 1984, George Orwell is representing all the characteristics that a totalitarian regime would have. He had this big protagonist known as Big Brother, who was not really a person but more like a representation of an omnipotent figure who supposedly could see it all, and knew everything you did. Even though he was not a person, he is very similar to one of the most known characters of history, who is Hitler.
By reading the book you can tell how this two characters had so many things in common , for example both of them believe that a government should be totalitarian, even though most of the citizens  were against it. Adolf Hitler was consider a dictator in his time, and even when Big brother isn’t a person, the way he controls people, is just like a dictator does it. Both of them used fear as powerful weapon to control everyone actions, for example Hitler present his executions in tv to show the world how big his power was and in the other hand, Big Brother introduce fear by inventing the room 101 were supposedly you will confront your biggest fears.
Also both of them were the faces of their countries, Big brother was of Oceania and Hitler was of Germany.  Although Big Brother’s objective was to control the citizens and Hitler’s was to exterminate all the Jews, both of them use the same techniques to accomplish their objectives and it was though propaganda , promising a better life to the ones that obey.

Written by: Sheyla Kafie

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