A list of the strangest things we have seen since The Party came into power

Many strange things had happened since The party came into power, so many that it will be almost impossible to mention them all it well first it seems that Big Brother exist since 1930s but everyone start knowing about him until 1960s what is really strange because it makes me wonder what happened during all that time ? But since he appears , it was in that moment that everything change.

The party controlled every aspect of everyone’s life. And maybe for the ones that belong to the party believe they were normal, but for the rest they weren’t. One of their biggest weapons is how they manipulate reality, and change history in order to control everyone, they said for example that Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia had been enemies since always and in reality that’s not true , also every time someone disagree with what the party believes, just without telling anything, that person just disappeared.

Everyone has to obey what Big brother says even though they hate him, they act as they love him, because the party also wants to control everyone’s sentiments, that way they can control their actions and obligate them to love Big Brother and give all your life to him. But the strangest things that I have seen since the Party came into power, is that what ever they tell , it has to be true , it doesn’t matter how silly it is, one way or another they change the history and the truth , to make their own lies, a truth.

Written by: Sheyla Kafie

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